Plenary Keynote Speakers:

Dr. Ray Weil
University of Maryland, College of Agriculture & Natural Resources, College Park, MD

The Soils Renaissance of the 21st century has seen the number of scientific publications on soils and public interest in soils soar. It has been marked in scientific circles by special issues of the premier scientific journals, such as the 2004 issue of Science under the title Soil -the Last Frontier, and in the broader public by at least two feature length films devoted entirely to telling “the story of soils” (Dirt: The Movie, and The Symphony of Soil). … read more

Mark Liebig

Dr. Mark Liebig
USDA-ARS Northern Great Plains Research Laboratory, Mandan, ND

Ecosystems research – including agro-ecosystems, and by extension, food security research – is being dramatically transformed by the emergence of new insights and paradigms about what we long thought were settled basic truths. The conceptual changes – some completely upending established models – are partially driven by the development and adoption of new analytical tools, ranging from metagenomics to x-ray tomography and … read more